Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Quintessentials - Part 2 - What makes your website work?

Quintessentials for your website.

We have been in the business of creating web solutions for over a decade now. For the past four years we have transformed into one of the finest website design and development organization with alliances across the globe paving satisfaction and smiles for our clients.

Four years for a human, is like a hundred years for the internet. It has evolved so much. And it has grown and expanded in giant leaps every day. So many tools and applications and information have found their way on to the World Wide Web.  Some of these are effective and good. But most of it is waste, trash and ineffective.

We should understand that the internet is one of the finest marketing medium. It should be considered a part of a business media plan and used in a manner where you can measure its effectiveness and as a tool that works best when the client and the developing team who builds the page has a precise idea of what it is that they are setting out to achieve and whom they want to reach out to.

I have clients who come to my office and demand the finest graphics and design and short timelines and competitive costing. They haggle and bargain for a few hundred. The project finally loses energy and effectiveness. It becomes a group of people stuffing in maximum colours and a few tools to impress the client instead of focusing on what it is that they need t achieve to make the site effective.

Remember that if a Website should make an IMPACT, the team should create it after having a crystal clear vision of What and How you want your Visitor to behave.

In these few years we see a flood of changes. We have smartphones and tablets, we have varied screen sizes where customers access the site, we have high speed internet, we have infinite social sites to reach out to. And so much more is in the future.

A great website with good reach, with an impact to make the visitor behave in a particular way in the shortest time is the need of the hour. This is a matter of maximum importance today and we need to address it now. As developers and designers we need to educate our clients about how the web is transforming. It is of grave consequence to cheat your client and give them what they want at the expense of damaging his business for the future. It will surely affect your existence as a web solution provider.

Be brave, Be honest. Develop a spine. Bring your ethics and values to the forefront. History has proved that if you are only a short term visionary, you will cease to exist in the longterm. It costs a packet to generate the latest solutions. But if you stand up to it and have the strength to inspire your clients, you will bring about a world of change for your client, which in effect will come back to you in the form of more business and long term survival. Have no doubts about that!

Ask yourself a few simple questions that can make your relevance clear.
  1. Who/What/Why am I building this site?
  2.  How will anyone find out about this website?
  3.  What factors have made me use this design concept?
  4.  What is the action I want a visitor to take when they are here?
  5.  What have I created on this website that will guarantee that action
  6.  Is there anything else I can do here?

It is wise to know that the reason for creating a website is to make an impact on someone to act upon an information. 

The first step in this case is to understand the person who you are speaking to and the action you want them to do. Remember that you are talking to one person at a time and you need to have a perfect idea through extension surveys of the “ONE” you are talking to if you want to create the perfect content/layout/graphics etc to make them take an action.

Doing a website in any other manner is Trash!

Sameer Ansar
CEO – Quintessence Technologies Ltd.

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