Tuesday, 22 October 2013


At QTL, we believe that creating an outstanding website is only a small part of the web solution. The real game lies in making it reach the perfect audience at the opportune time with minimum cost. A good social media planner has to bring a creative solution that will ensure visibility.
The Internet transforms with alarming speed. Today, Facebook is our best bet to leverage reach at amazing cost. It has such an extensive range of possibilities that enable it to bend and flex its muscles in tune to our needs.
The Facebook Page is a public profile that injects vitality for your brand. It connects and shares your business and events with the population on Facebook. Since its birth in 2004, it has now grown to over 1.10 billion users (as on May 2013).
Setting up your Page on the Facebook is your baptism to a long-term marketing strategy. At zero cost you have evolved a strong identity for your brand, gained a media for interacting about your business, promotions and apps. And the best part of it all is that people on the Facebook like to interact and give opinion. So if you have something interesting, you will generate a discussion and dialogue. What better way to acquire a clue about your business right from your fans?
When someone clicks the Like button and becomes a fan of your Page, you create a long-term connection with them. This endorsement from a person is in fact a gateway for you to publish content to their News Feed and establish an ongoing conversation. Remember to communicate with meticulous consideration and extraordinary etiquette lest they close the gates on you. And every time people interact with your Page, it generates a story on their profiles and in their friends’ News Feeds, giving your brand bonus organic exposure that has an unbelievable reach.
As each Facebook user who Likes you has an average of 130 friends eligible to see his or her messages, a single like or comment multiplies the potential reach of each marketing message with an unbelievable reach that you cannot even calculate. This boost in marketing effectiveness is not just theoretical, but measurable.

There are a few matters to bear in mind when you are setting up your Page.
Remember to create a calendar, so you can release content and updates at regular intervals.
Remember that a natural, genuine mode of communication works best.
Ensure that you respond with timely participation. A two-way dialogue means listening and responding to comments on time. This will help you turn fans into your brand ambassadors.
Most people start with energy and passion and then just as the fans grow and gain interest, the Page loses steam. Very few marketing managers have the long-term perspective. You should know that if you have marketed your first product or lot successfully on the net, you should keep the fans interested and coming back for more as you develop new product lines and brands.
Keep your Page updated with relevant and interesting content at regular interval so that you can show the fans that your brand is not only leading the conversation, it’s also actively listening and responding to what they are talking about. These interactions are an effective way to get people engaged and inspire them to take the action you want. You can also express your brand through images, connecting to other Pages and commenting as your Page.

The Page is the headquarters of your brand on Facebook. It is the source of all of your brand’s important content and the place where you manage your comments, links, reverts and customer service.
·       Your Page provides you access to effective data about your target audience and how they relate to your brand.
·       Using the Timeline feature for Pages, your fans can send private messages to our brand and our brand can respond to it. However, Pages cannot initiate private messages.
·       Your Page can comment on or like posts by fans of that Page. We can also like other Pages, as well as like and comment on posts made by those Pages.
·       Out of respect for user privacy, Pages can only like or comment on posts made to the Page. They cannot interact with users outside of the Page.

All these features give you incredible advantage when it comes to leveraging your marketing activities.

Pages represent businesses, nonprofits, brands, governments, celebrities, and other public entities on Facebook. And you are joining this select community that will open a world of opportunities and a market that is infinite and spread across the globe and not just in your physical locality. You need to plan innovatively yet logically to reach maximum target audience with this amazing media.

When you create a Page, you become the administrator of that Page, which in turn gives you full control over Page content. You can also become an administrator if the person who created the Page adds you as one.
In short:
·       Pages represent companies
·       Profiles represent individuals

Audience Targeting
The key ingredient to generate interest and engage your audience in conversations is to be able to speak focusing on their interests. Facebook has the option that allows you to customize your posts to a region so that if your posts are either domestic or global in nature, you can create it to a specific regional or language focused level. For example, you can target and set a post for only your fans in Dubai who speak in Hindi.

What it boils down to is that Your Business Page on Facebook:

·       Represents your brand
·       Builds a community focused on your brand
·       Publishes conversations and stories
·       Hosts content and apps
·       Targets who sees your content
·       Measures the results and allows you to fine tune

Now go on and get your Page and create Business history.

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