Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A whole New Year

Before the New Year...

Celebrations. So much love. So much excitement.
Warmth, goodwill and cheer.
We reach out to loved ones, to relations, friends and associates.
We send forth love and gifts and receive more of the same.
Christmas comes and goes and then we ring in the New Year with abandon.
With all the new resolutions and thrill till the clock strikes midnight.

And then....

We all go back to the same old days. Living the same old lives. Loving little or less. Excitement pack depleted. Hunched in responsibilities and endless worries.


Stop cheating.
Keep living.
Keep loving.
Keep smiling.
Welcome the New Day like the New Year.
Make a new resolution everyday and live it.
Enjoy your responsibilities and worries.
Be complete and excited for every New Day.

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